01. The children were covered in [dirt] after playing outside all afternoon.
02. To plant, dig a 1-inch hole in the ground, drop in the seed, cover with [dirt], and water.
03. The kids sat in the [dirt], and counted their pennies.
04. We had to drive along a [dirt] road for about 25 miles to get to the campsite.
05. Make sure you put out the fire, and cover it with [dirt] before going to bed.
06. Rita's family was so poor when she was little that they lived in a house with a [dirt] floor.
07. The Opposition says they have uncovered a lot of [dirt] on the Prime Minister.
08. Her hands were all [dirty] from working in the garden.
09. Wipe your face; it's all [dirty].
10. I don't like you reading those [dirty] magazines; throw them away!
11. The teenage boys rented a [dirty] movie to watch when their parents were out.
12. Don't [dirty] my freshly-washed floors with your boots.
13. He [dirtied] the couch with his potato chips.
14. Zak is a [dirty] player who often injures his opponents.
15. He always fights [dirty], so I'd stay away from him.
16. That's a [dirty] lie; I never touched your money!
17. Studies show that [dirty] snow melts faster than clean snow.
18. Be careful you don't get [dirt] in your cut, or it could get infected.
19. Eighty percent of the [dirt] in your house was brought in by people, stuck to their clothes and feet.
20. Humorist Will Rogers once stated that what the U.S. needs is [dirtier] fingernails and cleaner minds.
21. A Chinese proverb observes that flowing water never gets [dirty].
22. An Italian proverb notes, "Never point out the mistakes of another with a [dirty] finger."
23. A Sicilian proverb states that only your real friends will tell you when your face is [dirty].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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